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Get in touch with your creative side today! If you spot your nearest Music Arts venue close to you then just click on it on the map displayed below and it will instantly pop up on your screen. It will take you there, where you can get more information about the venue and what they have to offer.

When I was just a kid, I used to dream of being a rock star so one of my earliest memories is going to Music Arts near me, where I could receive 25 ways to express yourself. A few years ago my son was also fascinated by the Music Arts and needed a Music Arts School closer to home, so we thought of hiring someone who could teach him everything he needed to know about music. Music was his passion and he always wanted to become a professional musician like Elton John, David Bowie, and even Britney Spears. So our mission was to hire a music teacher who could bring out the creativity in him.

A few months ago, I received a call from my son who was excited. He told me that he had been to a Music Store in my hometown and loved it very much. I told him that it was a very famous music store that I used to go to when I was a kid and it is still one of my favorites today. I also told him that there are still some great music stores that are miles away from where I live.

My son was thrilled to hear that we were close to a good music school. It meant a lot to him since he had been longing for a Music Arts Career like mine! It was such a surprise to our family. But we were able to enroll our son in a distance learning music school that we found close to us. This helped us to save money since he would not have to commute back and forth to school for hours every day.

In the beginning, we did not know that there would be such a thing as a music distance learning school. We did not even know that such schools existed. Luckily for us, my husband and I got into the music theory and music performance school that our local college had online. This helped us prepare ourselves for what we needed to study. We were assigned classes online and had to attend them regularly in order to keep up with our studies.

The fees at the Music and Arts School were a bit steep but well worth it. Our son was getting valuable knowledge from an older male that paid the bills. He was also learning a whole lot more about himself, his body, and his future. It was a breath of fresh air to learn that an education could open new doors!

Once we were done with our schooling and graduated from the program, we decided to move to New York City. Our new house had a large yard with a nice pond that our son absolutely adored. He used to sit on our fenced deck and listen to all of the wonderful music and classical music that we would play, sometimes for hours. We had a radio up in our backyard that constantly blasted the latest music releases, which made for a very interesting background in our back yard. That’s when we knew that we had found our calling!

That was how we ended up living near the Woodstock music festival. Our son fell in love with all of the different musicians and singers. Of course, he still listened to rock music and went to concerts regularly. But, mostly he just wanted to see all of the different kinds of bands that we could not get tickets to! And, now that he is old enough to go to a music store and listen to music in a huge CD player, he does it all the time!

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