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One of the most recognizable voices in pop history is that of Michael Jackson. He may not be in the same category as other performers on this list, but his impact is undeniable. Pop music is often judged by how it is made and packaged. Pop artists bring a style to their sound that many listeners have yet to find in jazz, rock, country and other genres. But what makes Michael Jackson’s music stand out? It is the unique sound of smooth, lively and emotion that make it a huge hit and one that have made him the biggest star in the entertainment industry today.

First and foremost, pop music owes its success to its producer, Michael Jackson. He is responsible for the innovative synthesized sounds and beat that define pop music. This is evident when you hear someone singing along to “Beat It”. His vision is clear on the sounds he creates and it is the reason why everyone loves pop music. There are certain characteristics in his songs and beats that create a certain feel or emotion. They are memorable and universally relatable.

Another essential element of pop music is the dance. Different types of dance come from pop music including break dancing, hip hop and funky. These dance are integral to the music. In fact, break dancing is one of the few dances that are still considered to be a subgenre of pop music. If you have ever seen any of Michael Jackson’s videos for “Who is it” you would have noticed break dancing beautifully.

Also, pop music often includes the use of Auto-Tune, which is a synthesized voice enhancement that adds accents and re-recorded high tones. vocals can also be pitched higher and timbre can be increased with the proper software. Many artists claim to have used auto-tune in some form during their career. Radio stations even broadcast programs where they analyze popular songs and then recreate them for the audience as Auto-Tune.

Most pop music uses keyboards and guitar, although drummers have been known to play instruments. The production techniques used are progressive, which means the beat will repeat indefinitely unless stopped. This is why many songs have the word “rap” in the title. Other artists work in a similar fashion, except they record their own vocals and instrumentals. Other forms of pop music include cumbia, which is a reggae-influenced style of music and glam rock, which takes elements from the earlier styles but puts it into pop form.

There has also been more collaborations between different pop music artists and different artists. For example, Britney Spears and Kanye West are collaborating on their song “Toxic” was a major breakthrough in pop music. Pop stars have also been able to collaborate with hip hop artists and indie bands. In addition, pop music has also influenced other genres of music such as country and jazz.

Pop music has influenced movies, music videos and television shows, even though many pop stars have not really touched upon this fact. For example, girl group One Nation Underdog wore very large animal print bras in their video for “Slow” last year. This was then followed by videos like Lady GaGa and Britney Spears wearing the same bra. Pop artists have also incorporated other elements of music into their videos, such as dance steps and song lyrics. Examples of this can be seen with the hit song by the Spice Girls, “What If”, which included the dance steps and an instrumental track with a piano and vocal track. Pop music has influenced television shows such as Friends, Scrubs, The Golden Globe Awards and numerous other popular TV shows.

Pop music has had a tremendous impact on music sales over the past several years, which makes it one of the most profitable industries in music today. In addition, many pop icons continue to make the music industry plenty of money. Pop music will continue to influence people for many years to come and hopefully we will see many more pop icons and pop music artists in the future.

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